Women in IT 2018


Women in IT Event set for April 20!

Women in Technology logoWe're especially excited for our Third Annual Women in Information Technology (WIT) event on April 20. That's because it will be held in our new:

Scott Community College Urban Campus
101 West Third Street

In fact, it will open just prior to the conference and probably still have that "new car smell."

WIT is a FREE conference specifically for women currently employed in the field. Anyone interested in becoming a student in the world of computers is also welcome to attend!



Check In: 9 - 10 a.m.

Keynote Speaker 

10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Just announced, the keynote speaker for this years WIT Conference is Laurie Johnson speaking on "Emotional Intelligence? or 'Hot Mess'? You Choose!"

laurie johnson photoJohnson is Senior Learning and Development Manager at MRA. She has a wide range of management experience in business information systems, human resources, industrial relations, organizational development, training and development, management coaching, mediation and communication disciplines.

For more than 25 years, Laurie has helped companies elevate employee performance and improve productivity. A graduate of the Leadership Iowa program, she has helped hundreds of organizations identify, cultivate and develop future leaders, managers and supervisors.

Her presentation will ask the question, does achievement lead to positive feeling, or does positive feeling lead to achievement?

Emotional intelligence has been identified as a key component of personal and professional success. It is the ability to identify, assess and control one's own emotions and to be sensitive to the emotions of others.

The session will:

  • Explore the critical skills necessary to effectively understand and use emotion constructively in the workplace and in our lives.
  • Who’s controlling who? Hair on Fire Hot Buttons
  • Why we need empathy in business
  • Leveraging the ‘inspirational energy’ of the Whole



Session 1: 11:15 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Chasing Unicorns: Recognition and Team Building in the Real World

Presenter: Betsy Green
We’ve all heard that it’s important to recognize employee performance and to engage in team building activities, but in a stressful work environment with limited time and even more limited budgets, that idea may seem like a fantasy. Speaker Betsy Green will share a unique approach to employee rewards, recognition, and team building that takes these concepts into the real world.

Preparing for a Career in IT

Presenter: Angie Ubel
This session will cover an overview of the types of positions and variety of roles in technology. Hear from IT managers on how best to prepare yourself to stand out from others and be successful as you pursue a career in IT.

User Experience Jobs: Never Stop Never Stopping

Presenter: Tyne Rieck
User Experience (UX) may not be as slick as an Andy Samberg movie, however it IS a fast growing and rapidly adapting field with many opportunities for generalization and specialization. Additionally, there are numerous paths that can result in a UX related career. This session will clarify job types most commonly found under the umbrella category of UX, focusing especially on the technical roles. Attendees will walk away with a list of resources for more information and how to approach a portfolio in UX.

Lunch: Noon - 1 p.m., Free Lunch - Discussion Topics at Tables

Session 2: 1:15 - 2 p.m.

How Mixed Reality Technologies Augment Workforces to Transform the Enterprise

Presenter: Jaimy Szymanski
Mixed reality technologies offer enterprises many opportunities to augment employee skillsets, increase collaboration, and transform traditional approaches to product and site design, training, customer service, repair/maintenance, and more. By harnessing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) within their organizations, innovation leaders effectively empower their employees to utilize “super human” abilities while simultaneously achieving greater cost efficiencies, saving time and resource investment, boosting sales tactics, and increasing workplace fulfillment. In this presentation, Jaimy Szymanski will outline the most effective use cases of mixed reality within organizations, spanning a variety of departments and industries, and the advantages of utilizing AR/VR/MR over traditional processes, practices, and legacy technologies. Session content is based on original research conducted by Szymanski at Kaleido Insights.

Tech Compensation Trends, Negotiation and Career Tips for Women

Presenter: Jenetta Williams
With the current IT hiring climate, there’s a growing number of opportunities for women in technology. This presentation focuses on compensation trends and career tips for women in tech, from the state of women in IT to specialties and skills in demand. Topics covered also include current IT hiring practices, hot IT jobs and how women can build the career they want.

Your Computer VS Your Body

Presenter: Tracy Nelson-Johnson
Learn how to not be worn out exhausted at the end of your IT Superhero day. We will teach you practical tips to protect your spine and let your muscles work for you instead of against you.

Session 3: 2:15 - 3 p.m.

Data Analysis & Big Data: From Penalties to Patients

Presenter: Jordan Brautigam
Data analysis seems to be a ‘new’ hot topic in business, but in healthcare it’s a way of life. Learn how Genesis wrangles oodles of data into actionable items. Using the Medicare measurements as a jumping off point, this session will demonstrate to attendees that the most important part of data isn’t actually data…it’s the story behind the data. You will walk away feeling empowered to craft your own stories from data and dashboards.

Assertive Strategies for Marketing Yourself in a Competitive Job Market

Presenter: Christine Caves
Christine will discuss assertive job search strategies for landing a job in the competitive job market. This presentation will include resume tips, career research and networking, LinkedIn profile construction, interview and negotiation tips!

Occulus, Hololens, Vive...Oh my! - Getting Hands-On with Virtual and Augmented Reality

Presenter: Verlee Washington
Verlee offers a hands on tour of EICC's virtual reality labs and equipment. Bring your questions, curiosity and adventurous spirit.


Closing Remarks and Door Prizes: 3 - 3:30 p.m.



Eastern Iowa Community Colleges offers a wide range of Information Technology degrees and classes. Check it out at www.eicc.edu/it