Welcome Home to EICC!

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is happy to welcome new and returning students back to campus for the Spring 2021 semester. Our top priorities for the semester are the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and the communities we serve AND providing critical education and training needed by our students to survive and thrive in the current pandemic environment.

We have incorporated public health guidance, the best data available and lessons learned from our summer reopening to design a flexible, academically rich, supportive and safe experience for students.  You will find our campuses to be COVID-aware learning environments, our class schedule to be flexible, and our support services committed to your success.

There’s No Place Like EICC – Welcome Home!


Creating a COVID-Aware Learning Environment

  • Require all students, faculty, staff and visitors to wear face masks on campus
  • Rearrange classrooms and common spaces to provide at least six feet of social distancing
  • Implement prevention, mitigation, reporting and monitoring initiatives
  • Train students, faculty and staff on public health guidelines
  • Maintain public health awareness through regular communication.
  • Require students, faculty, and staff to stay home and not come to campus if they are ill, experiencing symptoms, test positive or may have had close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. 


Offering a Flexible Class Schedule

  • Classes begin Online January 11 and On-Campus and Live Online January 19.

  • Choose from three types of course delivery:

    • Classroom PLUS:  Classes scheduled on campus, when conditions permit, supported by online management systems and use of remote technologies.
    • LIVE Online:  Classes conducted using online management systems in combination with scheduled synchronous face-to-face class meetings delivered via Zoom technologies.
    • Fully Online:   Online asynchronous classes delivered using online management systems, including online support services.

  • Focus on high-quality academic instruction and student engagement


Supporting Student Success

  • Provide on campus and virtual access to academic support services such as tutoring, skill center, library
  • Engage students in on campus and virtual student support services such as advising, registration, financial aid, admissions, business services
  • Expanded access to needed technology and digital resources


Student Communication February 9, 2021


Next month, we will mark one year of this historic and transformational pandemic. Last week, Governor Reynolds announced rescinding Iowa’s mask mandates and capacity limits, allowing for changes for some businesses. While our communities are seeing downward trends in the spread and the vaccine rollout has begun, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges will continue to operate our campuses under our COVID-19 protocols including requiring face masks, social distancing, daily symptom tracking and reporting positive COVID-19 results and exposures. The college will continue to align our protocols with the CDC’s COVID-19 guidance for higher education.

Maintaining our COVID Aware Campuses

Face Masks

Proper wearing of face masks is required of all students and employees when on-campus. Face masks should fit snugly and cover both the nose and mouth. Eating and drinking is permitted only in designated spaces on each campus.

Social Distancing

Classrooms and common spaces are configured to allow for 6 feet of social distancing. Students are asked to maintain 6 feet of distance when in class, hallways or using common spaces. It is critical to maintain social distancing when eating and drinking in the designated spaces on campus.

Daily Symptom Tracking

If you are coming to campus, you are required to do the HealthCheck360 Daily Symptom Tracker. The symptom tracker should be completed prior to arriving on campus. If you receive a Red Stop Sign, you may not come to campus. Human Resources will be in touch to discuss your next steps and when appropriate will clear you to come to campus.

Reporting COVID-19 Positive Test Results or Exposures

If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone that has tested positive, you are required to contact the college’s Dean of Students or use the COVID-19 Reporting Tool. You will work with our Human Resources to determine your need to quarantine off campus and comply with contact tracing. We will work to notify those potentially exposed, encourage testing and determine need to quarantine off campus.

Contacts for reporting positive or pending test results or exposures:


We continue to see good compliance from students and employees with the health and safety protocols on-campus. Collectively, we have kept our COVID-19 numbers down which has allowed us to start the spring with on-campus classes and services. Compliance with the college’s COVID-19 protocols is required by the student code of conduct. Students failing to comply could face disciplinary action from verbal reminders to expulsion. Students have expressed a strong preference to continue on-campus classes. Our collective efforts and compliance with our safety measures is a key piece in continuing on-campus operations.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is once again asking the college community to stay vigilant with the established safe practices. Together, we are THE Community’s College.