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Women in Technology
Women in IT Event set for April 24

It's our Fifth Anniversary and we're celebrating with a special theme for this year's conference:

Tech for the Next Decade

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Please mark your calendars now and plan to be with us in April at Scott Community College's Urban Campus, 101 West Third Street, Davenport.

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Keynote Speaker: Parody Boatwright

Parody BoatwrightThe words “amazing” and “unbelievable” are thrown around all too often in today’s world. But Parody Boatwright’s personal story is all of that and more.

Her Cambodian and Chinese parents were refugees from the brutal Khmer Rouge regime of Cambodian leader Pol Pot. She was born in Paris, adopted and raised by a retired French couple surrounded by wheat and corn fields. When her adopted mother died after suffering multiple strokes, her adopted father sent the teenage Boatwright to the United States to finish school in St. Louis.

She graduating from high school just two weeks before the death of her adopted father. Receiving a scholarship from Des Moines’ Drake University she pursued a degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations. Her first consulting role was as a French translator for the purchase of Canadian Beech Aircraft.

That led to a number of other consulting roles before ultimately the establishment of her own business, Wheatfield Partners where she serves as CEO/Co-Founder/Headhunter, successfully placing IT candidates and others in both permanent and consulting roles.

Boatwright will tell her story from childhood challenges through her fears of leaving France, persevering through the deaths of her parents, to ultimately succeeding in founding her own business.

“I will share the personal struggle I felt in redefining my worth and career and how one consulting role changed how I approached my career. I’ll share navigating through uncertainties after my dream company was acquired and still maintaining a positive outlook helped define my worth and how growing your professional network is a key component to achieving success

Boatwright’s career challenges and commitment to work life balance have given her unique insights to understand what candidates are going through in pursuit of that “right” job. At the end of her presentation, you will feel empowered that you can indeed achieve your own American Dream.

Partial List of Speakers and Sessions:

Bridging the Gap: Building Mentorship Networks with Schools
Alene Vandermyde

Learn how YOU can help build the next generation of women in IT. Mentorships are invaluable in helping young people understand what an IT career is all about and envisioning their future in IT. Learn about being a mentor from both sides of the equation and how to get involved in shaping the next generation of women in STEM.

Alene (Alli) Vandermyde is the Technology Innovator (fancy name for a Technology Coach) at Davenport Central High School. As the person charged with the task of teaching teachers to use technology, she surely knows who the worst students are in schools (pro tip: it’s not the kids). Running the Central High School Robotics Teams for the last four years and the Central Esports Teams for the past year, she is used to being the teacher with the best access to the best technology – if for no other reason than she is willing to build it. As a former engineer, Alli has stood on both sides of the industry/academia line.

Data Analytics through Power Business Intelligence: Case Study
Sheela Nikam/Beth Tinsman

Using a case study approach, the use and application of graphical business analytics will be demonstrated in how business decision-making can impact immediate access to data often locked inside internal company systems. These tools can be used to manage projects in timely detail and for better business services and financial decisions.

Sheela Nikam has 10 years’ experience in full stack and database development. She also works in Sharepoint. Beth Tinsman has 35 years in information systems, started and manages a technical company, and teaches in the Computer Science department at St. Ambrose University.

Your Body Vs. Your Technology
Traci Nelson-Johnson

The amount of time we spend daily on phones, laptops and computers has radically increased the musculoskeletal complaints of women today. This session gives simple recommendations you can implement to leave work with more energy and less pain. It will be interactive, FUN and yes, there will be some moving around.

Dr. Nelson has been in family practice for 21 years in Bettendorf. She believes in educating the community in the role chiropractic can play in their quality of life and overall health as well as teaching how to prevent complaints.

Drone Technology and Geographic Information Systems
Darrell Inskeep/Ray Weiser

Drones are an ever-evolving tool being used by an increasing number of companies. Learn how Scott County’s GIS Department is integrating drone technology to enhance services provided to Scott County.

Ray Weiser, GIS Manager and Darrell Inskeep GIS Analyst for Scott County, IA, are each licensed FAA Part 107 Drone Pilots. Geographic Information Systems is the science gathering, managing and analyzing geographic information in mapping technologies. Ray and Darrell both performed GIS for the private industry before joining the government sector in Scott County. Their GIS experiences include urban planning, transportation, public safety, environmental analysis, crime analysis and most recently drone technology.

Future of Messaging
Katie Wilson/ Sara Castillo

Get a first person view of the life of a startup and the challenges two sisters have overcome building a tech company in Iowa. Explore how the future of messaging impacts consumers, local businesses and our community and how we can encourage women to build, create, innovate and ask for what they want.

Digital advertising veteran Katie Wilson co-founded TapOnIt with her sister Sara Castillo in their home state of Iowa to help bring customers to small businesses while providing them with an easy way to save money. Katie’s background in advertising and passion to serve small businesses inspired her to create TapOnIt to support local communities through simple, visual text messages (MMS). Katie and Sara are building a national database of mobile phone numbers. Katie and Sara have proven that not only can women succeed in building tech companies, but it can be done from anywhere, not just Silicon Valley.

You are Worth It! Negotiate Your Worth, Your Wealth Depends On It!
Parady Boatwright

To earn your worth you must first research it to understand your value in the market place, then you need to learn how to communicate it. Negotiation skills are about facing your fears and self-limiting beliefs. It is something you can teach yourself and others. Let’s do this together! If I can learn it you can too.

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