TRIO Students Accentuate Summer


Way to go TRIO students for taking full advantage of your summer breaks!

Briana Leon Cassandra Cruz

Briana Leon (UI, FL’18)- visited Scotland

Cassandra Cruz (SAU, SP’17) and Brittni Perkins (SAU, SP’17)- became CNA’s at Genesis, are currently getting their BSN’s at SAU, and led a TRIO SAU Alumni Meetup this summer

Cassandra Cruz Andrew Klever

Cassandra Cruz - played with Turtles in her LSAMP Internship at Nahant Marsh

Andrew Klever (UNI, SP’18), Soraya Thorndyke (UI, FL’18), Professor Billie Lee, Anthropology, and Nipaben Patel (UNI, FL’17) in Costa Rica

Emelynen Castel Jordan Sperry

Emelynen Castel (Undecided transfer for FL’18) – visited Mexico to visit her family

Jordan Sperry (SCC Rad Tech, FL’18)- went skydiving

Katelynn England Kali Norberg

Katelynn England (new TRIO!)- started EMT classes

Kali Norberg (ISU, FL’18)- achieved her CNA

Masengo Aime Maxwell McCarty

Masengo Aime (SAU, FL’17)- fought fires and trained in 1st Aid in Alaska

Maxwell McCarty (ISU, FL’18)- interned with the Iowa Heritage Foundation

Miluska Pacheco Suzanna Hall

Miluska Pacheco (SAU, FL’18)- visited Peru and bought a new home

Suzanna Hall (SAU, SP’19)- was an apprentice with QC Metro Arts

TRIO is a federally funded Student Support Services program designed to help students succeed in college and transfer to the four year college/university level. TRIO takes students on visits to the colleges/universities, provides personal and leadership development, individualized tutoring, career exploration, and so much more!

To be eligible to apply for enrollment in the TRIO Program,
you must meet at least one of the following three criteria:

  • First generation student (parent’s do not have a bachelor’s degree)
  • Meet federal lower-household income guidelines (on application)
  • Have a disability that is documented with SCC

We are currently taking applications for fall semester and spots fill quick! Join TRIO today!

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