EICC HSE Dean's List


Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) has released its Dean’s List for students in the High School Equivalency (HSE) programs.

Criteria for being named to the Dean’s List include attendance, engagement and successful completion of milestones in the program. This is just the second time the college has announced a Dean’s List for the HSE programs.

The HSE program provides students who did not complete high school the opportunity to earn their high school diploma. Students are required to successfully pass testing in five different academic areas: Language Arts/Reading, Languages Arts/Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The standardized tests are the same offered by other states throughout the nation.

EICC provides preparation classes for the tests free of charge to students. There is a fee for the actual testing. Classes are available at Clinton and Muscatine Community Colleges, and Scott Community College’s West Davenport Center.

The HSE classes are part of a larger program at the college that also includes Adult Basic Education, English as a Second Language and Literacy programming. Combined, nearly 2,000 students attend these classes each year.

Those named to the HSE Dean’s List, by hometown, are:

Brandi Williams
Crystal Craig
Phyllis Kitzmiller
Kohl Rohwer
Gabriella Sharoian

Justice Foley      
Austin Robbins  
Dylan Schmidt
Emma Haugen   

Tina Murray        
Elizabeth Rice
Paige Diaz
Angel Martinez
Danielle Black
Courtney Boyer
Cindi DeWitt
Jonathon Dozal
Josh Jones
Anagabrella Morales
Sholanda Wolfe
Raissa Bado        
Lemone McNeal               
Aurora Whitehouse
Amber Bernal    
Nicole Debates
Anthony Hopkins
Shonnica Lee
Ethan Lobdell
Scott Mai
Timothy Reimolds

East Moline
Benito Torres     

Jessica Hagen
Billy Kuntz           
Analiese Chapman

Abbey Hoesch

Viola Smith

Juliana Logan

Kassandra Noah
Brandi Brauns    
Drake Delano     
Madison Gray
Samantha Kerr
Jeremy Lough
Tracy Strause
Taylor Vick

Rock Island
Yolanda  Ragland

Breonna Erbst

Brady Smith