High School Students Build Go Cart at the BTC



Go CartStudents are always doing fun things with what they learn at Scott Community College’s Blong Technology Center (BTC).

The center recently conducted a welding and design class with North Scott High School students that involved building an actual go cart.

“We wanted to present the students with a challenge to utilize their skill set in Welding as well as Design, Fabrication and Engineering,” said instructor Bruce Baldwin. “We settled on the idea of building a go cart to create teamwork and leadership in our classroom.”

The finished product, which really does run, is now on display in the BTC hallway. The high school students working on the project included: John Behrens, Matt Buckley, Mack Minney, Mark Ogden, Clayton Schoenthaler and Matt Wedemeyer.

The BTC is a modern, state-of-the-art, manufacturing training facility located at 8500 Hillandale Road, just off Interstate 80 north of Davenport. The go cart project was a special one with high school students. However, most of the BTC students are adults preparing for a manufacturing-related career.

Students attending classes at the center receive training in:

Many of the classes are delivered in a unique eight-week format that provides students the flexibility to schedule classes around their personal work and family commitments. Their classroom time is delivered via pre-recorded lectures online. The students can choose to view those either at home or at the center, and then come into the center to complete their projects and meet with instructors.

Because the lectures are online, if a student is having challenges understanding a concept they can rewind the video and watch it multiple times. And, with the lectures pre-recorded, it frees up instructors to be able to spend more hands-on time assisting students with their projects.

For more information about the BTC and all it has to offer go to eicc.edu/btc