Introducing the EICC App!


Screenshot of the appWe now have our own app!

That’s right, go out to the Play Store on your Android device or the App Store for your Apple users, search “EICC” and you can download the new EICC app.

The app provides you and our students with access to a variety of information:

  • Academic Calendar & Schedules
  • Notifications and Announcements
  • Grades
  • Faculty/Staff Directory and More

The best way to learn everything it has available is to download it yourself and explore its many options.

We’ll be notifying students about its availability next week. We wanted you to know before we unveiled it to the public.

We’re pretty excited about having this new feature available for everyone and hope you will be too!

If you have questions about how it works email or call ext. 3456 (563-336-3456).