Plant Yourself in STEM



Plant yourself in STEM logoEastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) will again this year host its popular Plant Yourself in STEM event. This will be the fifth year of the event that has filled to capacity the last four years.

This year’s event will be even more exciting because it’s the first time it will be held at Scott Community College’s new Urban Campus, 101 W. Third Street in downtown Davenport. Scheduled for December 8 from 9 a.m. – Noon, Plant Yourself in STEM is free of charge and open to everyone from fifth grade through adults.

“We started it as a way for us to participate in the national effort to introduce every student in the country to computer science,” said SCC Information Technology Instructor Roberta Osmers. “Technology plays a big role in our lives today, and will be a key part of the future for young people. This is just a fun way to give them a little taste in what it’s about.”

Participants will tear apart computers just to see what’s on the inside, enter Virtual Reality environments with Occulus, play around with Spheros and Pi, have a little friendly competition in picking locks in Locksport and decode combinations on boxes to reveal prizes in Breakout!

Osmers pointed out that no experience or specific knowledge is necessary. The emphasis is on giving students a taste of what some of these fields are about.

Registration has filled up early in past years. To register go to   For more information call 1-888-336-3807.