New Data Analytics Advanced Certificate beginning this Spring



computer with data resourcesData analytics is one of today’s fastest-growing and highest-paid professions as organizations increasingly rely on data to drive strategic business decisions. With Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ new Data Analytics Advanced Certificate beginning this spring, working professionals can build their skills in this high-demand field.

The 18-credit program is designed to expand knowledge and skills in rapidly developing and in-demand areas, including: analytics tools and techniques, how to work with databases, the statistical analysis computer languages of R and SPSS, how to create data visualizations, and how to apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment.

Classes will be delivered in the evening Live Online via Zoom, a free computer application allowing students to see and hear their instructor in real-time. Students will be able to complete the program in one-year, with a course offered every eight weeks. This convenient schedule and online delivery makes it easy to fit around busy work and family schedules. Those interested in entering the Data Analytics Advanced Certificate program are encouraged to have earned an Associate’s Degree or higher. New part-time students enrolling in six to 11 credit hours by December 23 will receive $200 off their tuition. Spring classes begin January 19 and courses include: 

  • Statistics (Prerequisite for students who have not previously completed a college-level Statistics course) 
  • Information Computing  
  • Introduction to Data Analytics 
  • Data Analytics I 
  • Data Analytics II 
  • Capstone 

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the Global Datasphere is expected to grow from 33 Zettabytes in 2018 to 175 Zettabytes by 2025. In other words, if the entire Global Datasphere were stored on DVDs there would be a stack of DVDs circling Earth 222 times.

Data comes from a variety of sources, such as business transaction systems, customer databases, medical records, internet clickstream logs, mobile applications, social networks, scientific research repositories, machine-generated data and real-time data sensors used in internet of things (IoT) environments. The vast quantity of data has no value unless analyzed, making Data Analysts an important resource across all industries. Combining data with efficient and powerful analytics provides a tremendous boost to organizations by helping to find root causes of setbacks, uncover customer habits/behaviors, determine next steps to boost performance and more. 

To learn more about this exciting new program visit or contact John Dabeet, Business Department Chair and Professor of Economics and Statistics, at 563-288-6064 or 

Toll-free 1-888-336-3907, email