EICC Leadership: Workplace Conflict to Collaboration



Two coworkers at a tableConflicts happen. Even the best companies in the world have conflicts. In fact, it can be argued that conflict is a good thing for a company.

How leaders handle that conflict is what is important. That’s what EICC Leadership: Conflict to Collaboration is all about.

Four classes, delivered online via Zoom, will help you develop in your leadership abilities and bring employees from conflict to collaboration. Classes will be held August 4, 11, 18 and 25, and include:

Session 1: Deep Listening

Listening is the foundational skill for conflict resolution. Examine the role of perspective and memory as barriers to listening, how to listen with an open mind for information and seek ways in which your deep listening can create and implement new solutions.

Session 2: The Conflict Episode

Conflict begins when you become aware something you care about is threatened. Understanding how the conflict episode unfolds can help you anticipate what is going to happen and take action that will avoid escalation. Learn how the normal response of defensiveness leads to conflict escalation and how to open up a a third way of conflict management, integrative space.

Session 3: Sources of Conflict and Their Solution Paths

Explore the three sources of conflicts and their distinctive solution paths. This search requires you to utilize your deep listening skills practiced in the first workshop. Develop a specific methodology for each type of conflict to increase your chances of successful conflict management and explore the factors limiting limit successful management.

Session 4: Collaborative Decision-Making

Traditional organizations make decisions based on their hierarchical structure. It’s ill-suited for complexity, responsiveness, engagement and creativity. Fortunately, cutting-edge organizations have evolved new models of decision-making. Learn how dialogical decision-making, advice-based decision-making and the Solution Driven Method of Interaction (SDMI) are practiced; how various organizations use these different methods for more responsive, engaged and creative solutions; explore how these methods might be adapted to your own organizations.

Tuition for all four workshops and corresponding materials is $595. Also, participants who successfully complete the course receive a Microcredential, a great addition to your resume.

Microcredentials specify the skills you will learn and need to successfully complete in order to earn your Microcredential Badge in this course. Learn more about those specific skills here.

To register go online to eicc.edu/ceregistration.

For more information contact Cheryl Riley-Hayles, 563-336-3402, criley-hayles@eicc.edu