Free Virtual Reality Class for HIgh School Students



The move of thousands of high school and college students to online education due to COVID-19 has illustrated the importance of augmented and virtual reality (AVR) applications. That trend is expected to continue even after the pandemic has subsided.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is a leader in training students for positions in the AVR field. Its intensive, short-term, program provides training leading directly into the employment market.

Students curious about what AVR is all about and interested in learning more now have the opportunity to participate in a four-week Survey of Augmented and Virtual Reality summer class. Even better, students completing the class can receive three college credits.

The class is open to students of all ages, and registration is FREE for high school students.

You will need a few items to participate, like a computer and three-wheel mouse, but we've worked hard to keep the cost down so you can explore this exciting career.

This is a hands-on class in which participants create actual 3D models used in AVR projects, experience coding with C# and program with Amazon Sumerian.

The class begins June 29 and is delivered online using Zoom. Class times are from noon – 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

AVR is used extensively both in education and industry. It brings subjects alive, providing lab experiences for students that they normally would only be able to read out about in a book or view in a video.

EICC’s AVR program trains students to create these virtual reality applications.

Those applications can be used by high school students in a biology lab, giving them the ability to virtually take apart and explore the many intricacies of the human body. Manufacturing employees can practice sometimes highly dangerous tasks without putting themselves at actual risk. Instructors can use AVR tools to provide specialized instruction from around the world.

For more information about the program or upcoming summer class contact Tyler Halterman at or 563-293-6922