EICC offers new statewide Transfer Majors program Info session February 20



After nearly two years of discussions and work, the state’s community colleges and public universities have created a new Transfer Majors program, In addition, many area colleges have also signed onto the agreement.

In a nutshell, the program creates specified Transfer Major Associate Degrees, laying out the precise course path students complete here at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges before continuing on at the four-year college to which they transfer, whether that’s Iowa, Iowa State, UNI or any one of seven nearby colleges.

That means students will take general education classes as well as classes required for their major. The partner colleges and universities have all agreed on these classes, giving the courses their academic seal of approval.

This is great news because it’s like being a student at the four-year college, but students are able to save money and start their career closer to home. With a specific course map detailing the classes they’ll need to take for their first two years, they can also get started knowing they’ll be ready to transfer seamlessly into their major once they’ve completed their Transfer Major Associate’s Degree with EICC.

Transfer Major Information Sessions

Thursday, February 20 at 5 p.m.
at Clinton, MuscatineScott Community Colleges and the SCC Urban Campus in downtown Davenport.

It wasn’t easy getting all these colleges to agree on what the major tracks and specific courses would be, but their shared commitment to making the process easier for students, along with a lot of hard work by everyone involved, has made it a reality.

These are the EICC majors currently included in the program, but more will be added soon: 


There are some differences in which colleges are included with which major areas. More information is available on our Transfer Majors page.

The area colleges who have signed onto the program continues to grow. Currently it includes:


Students will still need to meet admission requirements of the four-year college they choose in order to transfer, but EICC does have admission partnerships with all of the state’s public colleges and universities, and even some of the Iowa private colleges.

This new plan is in addition to our many great transfer agreements we have in other areas and with many private colleges. Those colleges have worked closely with EICC to sign those agreements so our students can transfer, without worry, to their colleges as well. It also doesn’t mean students don’t have the option of studying in a long list of other areas not included in the current transfer majors list.

Because community college students complete what are known as general education classes, those classes required in the first two years of a four-year degree, it means they can start here and go there, in just about any field.

If you have any questions about the new Transfer Majors Associate’s Degrees, please contact the college nearest you and ask to speak to an advisor. You can also call toll-free 1-888-336-3907 or email eiccinfo@eicc.edu

  • Clinton Community College - Room 105
    1000 Lincoln Blvd., Clinton 

  • Muscatine Community College - Loper Hall 104
    152 Colorado St., Muscatine 

  • Scott Community College - Room 2409
    500 Belmont Rd., Bettendorf

  • SCC Urban Campus
    101 W. Third St., Davenport