90 Years - 90 Freebies - 9 Days



Muscatine Community College students in a group outside of the Student CenterShouting out to all Muscatine Community College students, and students-to-be.

To celebrate the college’s 90th anniversary year, we will be giving away 90 gifts in the nine days leading up to the first day of fall classes. We’ll give away 10 gifts a day, beginning Wednesday, August 13, and continuing every day we are open through Friday, August 23.

There are some tremendous gifts in here, all the way from t-shirts and sunglasses, up to $90 bookstore vouchers and even free three-hour credit classes!

Every student who comes in to complete an enrollment transaction (register for classes, pay a bill, see an advisor, buy books, etc.) during this time will have a chance to spin the wheel of fortune and see what they win. Everyone is a winner, even if they don’t win one of the day’s main prizes. One spin per day.

Stop into the Student Center to learn more and for your chance to spin the wheel!

P.S. Fall classes begin August 26. If you haven’t already completed your registration now is the time, and you can win a sweet prize!