Clinton Book Festival to be held August 26


Book Festival LogoClinton Public Library will host the third Annual Clinton Book Festival – A Celebration of Books, Reading, and the Book Arts. The festival will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2017, at Clinton Community College, 1000 Lincoln Blvd., Clinton, Iowa from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The Clinton Book Festival will be an educational and fun-filled program with readings, workshops, demonstrations, and other activities featuring local and regional writers, artists, and organizations. A great selection of activities will be available for book lovers of all ages.


  • From Idea to Bookshelf
    Jill Esbaum walks through her idea process for her newer books, as well as what kind of information she writes into the National Geographic books she writes.

  • Getting Started with Literary Journal Publishing and Finding Online Writing Communities
    Brian Burmeister provides tips for publishing with literary journals, as well finding avenues to share work and build community with other authors in online communities, particularly on Twitter.

  • How Not to Write a Police Procedural
    Remi Hunter’s experience as a Chicagoan cop leads the discussion of how to write a police procedural that is correct and adds to the reality needed to give your novels that extra boost of believability.

  • Down on the Farm
    Margo Hansen shares her short stories from her memories of growing up on a dairy farm in the 1960’s & 70’s.



  • Poets and Writing Poetry
    A panel of poets; Brian Burmeister, Salvatore Marici, Mary Jedlicka Humston, Dennis Maulsby discuss their writing process and share a poem or two.

  • Twisted Fairy tales: A Collection of Short Stories by Teens
    A collection of fairy tales written by teenagers, compiled by Aria Michaels.

  • Author Support Q&A
    Authors draw on their own experiences to answer questions regarding writing and publishing and that
    happens behind the scenes for authors.

  • Writing with Facts History, and Research
    Authors Jodie Toohey, Misty Urban, Linda McCann, Dale Kueter discuss what kind of research goes into
    Non-Fiction or Historical Fiction works.

  • Writing Memoirs
    Authors Mary Kenyon Potter, Georgann Prochaska go over the fundamentals of how to write a memoir in order to keep family stories alive and how to deal with difficult life situations and find the humor in life.


List of Authors and their Genre(s) at the Event:

Andy Allen


Josh Hollister


Karla Wunderlin-Unke


Ann (Ana) Morris

Children's (Bilingual)

Wes Pranschke

Children's (Illustration)

Debra R. Barry

Children's and YA

Lynnette Andersen

Children's Picture Books

Jill Esbaum

Children's Picture Books and Non-Fiction

Christine Todd

Contemporary Fiction

ED Martin

Contemporary/Women's Fiction

Karen Musser Nortman

Cozy Mystery

Craig A. Hart


Kim Sigafus

Fiction, Non-Fiction

Dennis Maulsby

Fiction, Poetry

Brian Burmeister

Fiction, Poetry, Graphic Novel

Lee Eberhart

Graphic Novel

Jon Hartley

Graphic Novel

Jodie Toohey

Historical Fiction

Roger Hileman and Dave Hoing

Historical Fiction

Dale Kueter

Historical fiction, Non-Fiction

Dianne Fannon-Langton

Historical Non-Fiction

Carol Edwards

Inspirational Fiction

Margo Hansen


Horst Hehr


Georgann Prochaska

Memoir, Mystery

Mary Jedlicka humston

Memoir, Poetry, Essay, Fiction

PJ Hick


Linda Betsinger MCCann

Non-Fic Iowa history

Mary Potter Kenyon

Non-Fic, Memoir

Salvatore Marici


John LaBella


AK Doran


Teresa LaBella


Maggie Rivers


C. Deanne Rowe


Remi Hunter

Romantic Suspense

Jean-Michel Smith


Misty Urban

Short Fiction

Amanda McNeill

Speculative Fiction

Darrel Day

Suspense/Paranormal Romance

Aria Michaels

YA - Speculative Fiction

Kristal Shaff

YA - Speculative Fiction

Dionne Witt

YA - Speculative Fiction, Adult Contemporary Romance

For more information, contact the Clinton Public Library at 563-242-8441.