CCC RISE Program Enrollment



Clinton Community College BuildingClinton Community College, one of the Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, is proud to announce a second year for its student support program called RISE - Retention Initiative with Support and Engagement.  The goal of RISE is to help students achieve personal, professional, and academic success at CCC and beyond. 

The program includes opportunities for academic support, career advising, assistance with the transfer process, social events, networking, and more.  More specifically RISE students are asked to do things like meet more frequently with their academic advisor, meet with their instructors during office hours, spend time in the student success center, plan for their career or their transfer to a four year college or university, join a club, attend an event or workshop, etc.  We are asking RISE students to invest in their own academic success, and then we will invest back in them.  Overall, students are expected to spend 25 hours each semester on program-related activities, for a total of 50 hours for the year.  Upon meeting all of the expectations for the year, participants will receive a $500 stipend that can be used toward tuition and books during their next semester (summer or the following fall). 

Students in any major/program are eligible to apply as long as they have at least 3 semesters left at CCC.  Students need to meet two criteria of many in order to apply.  Those criteria include, but are not limited to being a first generation college student, being a working parent, being a veteran or active Military, recently moving to Clinton or Jackson County, being a recent CCC HiSET graduate, getting a recommendation from their CCC advisor or their high school counselor if they are a recent high school graduate.  Please see application for full list of criteria.

For more information about the RISE program, please contact Dr. Michelle Allmendinger, Dean of Student Development at Clinton Community College, 563-244-7002.