University of Iowa

University of Iowa is one of the state's three public universities and is located in Iowa City approximately 60 miles west of the Quad-Cities.

Below are links to information you will find helpful as you consider and plan for transferring to the University of Iowa.

University of Iowa/EICC 2 + 2 Program

As soon as you have completed your application to Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, you can apply to participate in the University of Iowa/EICC 2 + 2 Guaranteed Graduation Plan. Through this Plan, students first earn their Associate's Degree at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and then their Bachelor's Degree after two more years at the University of Iowa. Students participate in the program by completing an application on the University of Iowa web site. Click on a 2 + 2 major of interest listed at right to identify the recommended courses to complete as you earn your Associate of Arts degree.

How does an AA degree from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges transfer to the University of Iowa?

Effective Summer 2011, an Associate in Arts degree will fulfill all of the University's General Education Program requirements, except World Language, for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the College of Education and Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa. The World Language requirement can be met through high school and/or college coursework in a foreign language. Contact Academic Advising at your community college for more information about this.

How does an AS degree from Eastern Iowa Community Colleges transfer to the University of Iowa?

The Associate in Science Degree may be a better choice when a student is pursuing a bachelor's degree that requires more math and science courses. The AS degree transfers on a course-by-course basis. This means that the University of Iowa will consider each course individually to identify the general education requirements that have been satisfied. Students pursuing an AS degree therefore need to know exactly how each course will transfer, and how each course will fulfill the general education requirements of their intended major at the University of Iowa. Academic Advising at your community college can assist you with this.

Transfer in Iowa

Through Transfer in Iowa you can enter courses you have completed or will complete at your community college, and see how they will transfer to the University of Iowa.


Have questions?
If you have not yet registered for classes at one of our colleges, an admissions representative will be happy to answer your questions regarding transfer.

If you are a current student, contact your advisor or Academic Advising at your college:

  • Clinton: 563-244-7001
  • Muscatine: 563-288-6001
  • Scott: 563-441-4181

To speak with a University of Iowa representative about transferring, contact:

Tom Paulsen
Director, Transfer Relations
100 Pomerantz Center, Rm C110, Iowa City, IA 52242
800-553-4692  or  319-335-1559

University of Iowa Links

Transfer and Course Guides Available for University of Iowa

2 + 2 Guaranteed Graduation Plans


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