Academic Support

Among the many great things we take pride in, and there are quite a few, is the academic support we provide our students. If you're somewhere between Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton on the intellectual scale, that's great, you probably don't need any assistance with your class work. But for the rest of us, there's often one or two subject areas in which we could use a little help.

Photo of instructor assisting studentAll three of our colleges work hard to provide tutoring services, free of charge, to their students. Whether it's the Student Success Center in Clinton, the Success Center in Muscatine or the Academic Support Center at Scott, we're here to help. All three centers are open weekdays and most evenings. All you have to do is stop in and ask for help!

  • Clinton Community College's Student Success Center is located along the hallway immediately past the college auditorium / cafeteria.

  • Clinton Community College's RISE program includes opportunities for academic support, career advising, assistance with the transfer process, social events, networking, and more.

  • Muscatine Community College's Success Center is located in Loper Hall, behind the library toward the right.

  • Muscatine Community College Writing Center is located within the Success Center- Writing Center Consultants will help students at all stages in the writing process from idea generation to final revisions.

  • Scott Community College's Academic Support Center is located in Room 2015 at the Belmont Campus.

  • Scott Community College's TRIO program is located in Room 2013 at the Belmont Campus. This special program is funded by the US Department of Education and provides additional assistance for those who qualify.