Mechanical Design (CAD) Degree

AAS Degree - Mechanical Design Technology
Each session is 8 weeks in length.
Session I
CAD:286 SolidWorks – Modeling 3
DRF:131 Basic Drafting & Design I 3
MAT:142 Technical Mathematics I 1.5
Session II
CAD:263 SolidWorks – Assembly 3
DRF:132 Basic Drafting & Design II 3
MAT:143 Technical Mathematics II 1.5
  Term Total 15
Session I
CAD:264 SolidWorks – Detailing 4
IND:222 Geometric Tolerancing and Dimensioning 3
MAT:144 Technical Mathematics III 1.5
Session II
CAD:287 SolidWorks – Applications 3
CSC:112 Computer Fundamentals for Technicians I/A 2
MAT:145 Technical Mathematics IV 1.5
  Term Total 15
Mechanical Design Certificate Total 30
DRF:161 Descriptive Geometry 3
ENG:107 Composition I: Technical Writing 3
  Term Total 6
  Mechanical Design Diploma Total 36
Session I
DRF:331 Mechanical Drafting & Design I 3
EGT:161 Strength of Materials I/A 1.5
PHY:130 Applied Physics I 1.5
Session II
DRF:332 Mechanical Drafting & Design II 3
EGT:162 Strength of Materials I/B 1.5
MFG:186 Plant Safety 1
PHY:135 Applied Physics II 1.5
  Semester Total 13
Session I
EGT:163 Strength of Materials II/A 1.5
MFG:371 Manual Projects 3
  Social Science/Humanities Choice (see list)** 3
Session II
CAD:288 SolidWorks – CSWA Preparation 3
EGT:164 Strength of Materials II/B 1.5
MFG:372 CNC Projects 3
  Semester Total 15
  AAS Total 64
**Social Science/Humanities Choices
DRA:110 Introduction to Film
ECN:120 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECN:130 Principles of Microeconomics
HUM:110 Changes and Choices
HUM:183 Living with Space, Time and Technology
PHI:101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHI:105 Introduction to Ethics
PHI:110 Introduction to Logic
POL:111 American National Government
PSY:111 Introduction to Psychology
REL:101 Survey of World Religions
SOC:110 Introduction to Sociology