Environmental, Health and Safety Diploma

EHS Diploma (32 Credits)

Term 1 (16 Credits)

Course Class Title Credits
CHM:122 Introduction to General Chemistry 4
HSE:100 Occupational Safety 3
HSE:105 Characteristics of Hazardous Materials 3
HSE:110 Industrial Processes 3
HSE:200 Waste & Remediation (RCRA Certification) 3

Term 2 (16 Credits)

Course Class Title Credits
ENG:107 Composition I: Technical Writing OR
ENG:105 Composition I 3
HSE:205 Air and Water Quality 3
HSE:230 Transportation of Hazardous Materials (DOT HazMat Certification) 3
HSE:270 Sampling and Monitoring Procedures 4
HSE:280 Hazardous Materials Health Effects 3