Mission and Goals

Program Mission  

Scott Community College, as a community-centered institution, strives to meet the needs for post-secondary education in the region.

The Health Information Technology program’s mission is to provide a comprehensive education of structured and meaningful learning experiences through lecture and graduated clinical competency-based education. The program will adequately prepare students for entry-level positions in Health Information Technology focusing on the development, use and maintenance of health records for medical care, reimbursement, quality assurance, professional education, public health safety, administrative practices and medical research with due consideration to the patient’s right to privacy.

Program Goals 

  • To offer the opportunity for individuals, regardless of race, sex, or creed to acquire the necessary educational base required to demonstrate the entry-level competencies of a health information technician as defined by the American Health Information Management Association, which are the defined, nationally accepted standards of practitioner roles and functions.  The curriculum will include all required elements of an AHIMA-CAHIIM Health Information Technician Education Program.
  • To increase enrollment and retention by actively marketing and recruiting students for the HIT program.
  • To retain faculty members who are involved in ongoing educational and professional growth activities.
  • To provide an educational opportunity for the community of interest, including employees currently in the HIM field and to provide the community with quality graduates, prepared to function as effective practitioners of HIM.