Foodservice Supervisor / Dietary Manager

Foodservice Supervisors are an asset to hospitals, long term care facilities, assisted living centers, and other noncommercial settings such as schools and correctional facilities.

Foodservice Supervisors are trained in understanding the basic nutritional needs of their clientele. They work in partnership with dietitians, who offer specialized nutrition expertise.

Foodservice Supervisors are charged with balancing menu variety while appealing to client preferences and managing cost/profit objectives. They purchase the goods, equipment, and services used in the foodservice department. They also hire, motivate, train, and supervise the dietary employees.

Overall, the duties and responsibilities of a Certified Dietary Manager are the same as the Foodservice Supervisor but with additional courses, field experience and professional credentialing they are in demand by larger institutions and are able to command higher salaries. (113 hours)

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