Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Student studying a cell diagramEastern Iowa Community Colleges offers a wide range of science-related programs that ultimately can lead to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree. Students complete their first two years with us and then easily transfer to a four-year college or university to finish their education.
By the way, thanks to a bond referendum approved by our Eastern Iowa voters, all three of our colleges have brand new, high tech, science wings. We didn’t just update the equipment, we built on whole new additions to our buildings.


Program Award Campus
Biology AA, Transfer AA CCC, MCC, SCC
Biology AS, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC
Chemistry AA, Transfer AA CCC, MCC, SCC
Chemistry AS, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC
Engineering Technology AAS CCC, MCC, SCC
Environmental Science AA, Transfer AA CCC, MCC, SCC
Environmental Science AS, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC
Mathematics AA, Transfer AA CCC, MCC, SCC
Mathematics AS, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC
Physical Science AA, Transfer AA CCC, MCC, SCC
Physical Science AS, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC
Physics AA, Transfer AA CCC, MCC, SCC
Physics AS, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC
Pre-Engineering, Transfer AS CCC, MCC, SCC

Equal Educational Opportunities: It is the policy of Eastern Iowa Community Colleges not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age (employment), sexual orientation, gender identity, creed, religion, and actual or potential parental, family or marital status in its programs, activities, or employment practices as required by the Iowa Code §§ 216.6 and 216.9, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. §§ 2000d and 2000e), the Equal Pay Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. § 206, et seq.) Title IX (Educational Amendments, 20 U.S.C. §§ 1681 - 1688), Section 504 (Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. § 794), and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. § 12101, et seq.).

If you have questions or complaints related to compliance with the policy, please contact Debora J. Sullivan, Equity Coordinator, 101 West Third Street, Davenport, Iowa 52801, 563/336-3487, or the Director of the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, Citigroup Center, 500 West Madison, Suite 1475, Chicago, IL 60661, phone number 312/730-1560, fax 312/730-1576.

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