Everything Canvas

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS). An easier way to put it...It’s a virtual campus. It has classrooms where you take your classes, bulletin boards where messages are posted for you to see, lockers for you to store your supplies, and it has mailboxes where you can send and receive messages when communicating with others. The only thing that it is missing is a cafeteria.

Why does this matter to me?

Fully Online Students - This “campus” is where you will attend all of your classes

Flex Blended Students - Some of your learning will take place on a traditional campus and some of your learning will be in Canvas.

Face to Face Students - You instructor will be posting their syllabus and the gradebook for your class in Canvas. Some may ask you to turn in assignments, take quizzes or tests, or participate in discussions in this space.

Returning Students - There is a pretty good chance that you have already used an LMS at EICC. This LMS was called Pearson eCollege. Beginning with the fall 2017 semester, we are changing LMSs from Pearson eCollege to Canvas. The way you access your courses will not change, but things will look different and work a little differently.

Canvas is new to me, how will I know what to do?

We have created a short, self-paced class to introduce you to Canvas and help you feel more comfortable and confident. You do not have to log into Canvas to take this class, instead you just need to click on the link provided in the section labeled “Canvas Training for Students”.

I am still having a hard time trying to figure out…

Canvas is new to everyone at EICC, staff, students, and instructors. So, find comfort in that fact that we are all learning together. Canvas does have 24/7 help that you can easily access. In the Global Navigation Bar (see below) the Question Mark icon leads to the Help tab. Here you will find many options for help including live chatting with a Canvas support person, an 800 number to call the Canvas hotline, a way to search the Canvas Guides, and even a link to ask your instructor a question.

Canvas Training for Students

All students enrolled in Online, Flex Blended (hybrid), and Face to Face courses, are encouraged to complete an online introduction to Canvas, the learning management system (LMS) used at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC). This self-paced orientation is available online here new window

To access Canvas:

Log on to EICConnect new window, detailed Login Instructions are available here.

To access your courses:

  • Log on to EICConnect new window. Detailed Login Instructions are available here.

  • After logging into EICConnect new window, click on the “My Classes- Classroom and Online” link on the left hand side the page.

  • This will take you to your Canvas Dashboard, where you will find tiles that allow you to enter your classes.

  • Until the start of the term, if your class tiles are not on your dashboard, use the "Courses" tab in the global navigation bar. In this menu, select "All Courses". This will show you a list of all courses you are enrolled in.

Need Help or Have Questions?

If you experience any issues with EICConnect new window or your Live Email Account please contact the EICC Help Desk (563)336-3456 or via email at helpdesk@eicc.edu. They are available via phone Monday – Thursday, 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. and Friday, 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. On the weekends they are available via email.

For all other questions, please contact your advisor.

For the best start to your semester, we suggest logging in and accessing Canvas before your classes start. If there are any problems or issues, we can get them resolved before your semester begins.