Course Delivery

We’re taking full advantage of all that online has to offer, expanding it even more to provide students with a variety of exciting options. We now have online-delivery in three different categories:

Online Anytime – Traditional online classes in partnership with Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC). Students complete coursework and assignments via the college’s online course delivery platform (Canvas).

Live Online- Class has scheduled meeting times with a live instructor, delivered online using Zoom. Additional coursework will be delivered online via the college’s online course delivery platform (Canvas).

Classroom Plus on-campus classes. Instructors also use the college’s online course delivery platform (Canvas) to deliver a variety of course content including videos, streamed or captured lectures, and other digital course content to provide students the opportunity to access content and enrichment outside of the classroom setting.

Lab-Based Courses – Courses with hands-on labs will meet on-campus for the lab. Lectures will be delivered via Classroom Plus, Live Online or Online Anytime. 

We've also created an animated video to help in explaining our plans for returning to campuses this fall.

Delivery Options


Classroom Plus

Live Online

Online Anytime


Campus sections allow for full immersion in the classroom while being face to face with the instructor and classmates.

Live online gives students the connection of a classroom setting while allowing students to participate from anywhere.

Online courses allow you to access the class from anytime, anywhere. Connections with classmates and instructors can be made 24/7.


Canvas is used for accessing important class information, such as grades, assignments, and syllabus information.

Canvas is used to access course materials in addition to what is shared during live sessions.

Canvas is used to access and complete all course requirements and houses all course materials and information.

Content Delivery Method

On-campus face to face instruction gives the shared experience in the classroom.

Zoom & Canvas brings real-time instruction to our students who need remote access but want options for campus learning as well.

Canvas brings the classroom to students no matter where they are.

Meeting Times

Learn real-time in person with your class.

Learn real-time remotely during specific times. Watch recorded sessions later for additional review.

No set meeting times allows for a true asynchronous experience for users who need the utmost flexibility.


Yes, on-campus labs allow for learning with your peers.

*Some sections may have scheduled on-campus lab components.

*Some sections may have scheduled on-campus lab components

For some classes, an onsite lab, clinical or other hands on component may be required. Consult with your advisor and class schedule.

For Summer 2020, the college will be offering Online Anytime and Live Online

*For some courses, an onsite lab, clinical or other hands-on component may be required to satisfy the requirements of the course and provide students a comprehensive course experience.

For these courses offered via Online Anytime or Live Online, an on-site lab with a specific time, day and location will appear in the schedule paired with the Online Anytime or Live Online component of the class. The on-campus lab or clinical will provide the practical experiences necessary to learn and develop professional skills. Students should consult with their advisor regarding the required on-site component when selecting their courses.

Note: For summer 2020 courses with on-site components, the college will schedule and offer those labs and clinicals when the CDC and state health department guidance allows. The college will consider social distancing and group size recommendations when confirming these scheduled on-site sessions. Clinicals will be scheduled with consultation with our training site partners. The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff continues to be a top priority.