Congratulations West High Seniors!

Graduation CapYou’ve made it! Cake, cards, ceremonies, graduation is so much fun!

Once those cake crumbs are all swept up and you’re finalizing plans for your future, we hope one of our Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is in your plans.

We're your hometown college that will help you succeed.

  • College transfer to all the state universities and area colleges. Colleges work with us on formal transfer agreement because they want our students once they graduate from us. The state universities even worked with community colleges to create new Transfer Majors. Many private colleges are now jumping on board with those as well.

  • More than 30 career tech programs. We’re have something that fits your interests and can get you start in a great career.

  • With more than 1,000 online students each fall and spring semester, deliver quality online instruction is nothing new to us. 

  • Save $$$$$ We have one of the most competitive tuitions in the state of Iowa, far less than the state universities, private colleges and technical institutes. Along with many scholarship and grant opportunities, your college or trades education is truly affordable.

Give us a call today and we’ll tell you all about it! 1-888-336-3907