The DANTES (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Educational Support) Subject Standardized Test or DSST was originally created for military personnel but is now available to the general public. Additional information about this credit by examination opportunity, including testing centers, can be found at www.getcollegecredit.com.

The DANTES is offered at WIU-QC by the Rock Island Army Continuing Education Center. For more information contact Leslie Mose at 309-762-3999 ext. 62288. (Active duty personnel are not charged)

DSST examinations that will be evaluated for credit at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges include:

DSST Exam Title Req
Revised Cr EICC Course
Business   08-09    
Business Law II 44 N/A 3 BUS:186 Business Law II
Business Mathematics 48 400 3 BUS:110 Business Math & Calculators
Introduction to Business 46 400 3 BUS:102 Introduction to Business
Principles of Finance 46 400 3 FIN:130 Principles of Finance
Principles of Supervision 46 400 3 MGT:130 Principles of Supervision
Introduction to World Religions 48 400 3 REL:101 Survey of World Religions
Principles of Public Speaking 47 N/A 3 SPC:112 Public Speaking
Applied Technology
Technical Writing 46 N/A 3 ENG:108 Composition II: Technical Writing
Natural Science
Astronomy 48 N/A 4 PHS:152 Astronomy
Here's to Your Health 48 400 3 HSC:106 Contemporary Health Issues
Physical Geology 46 N/A 4 PHS:172 Physical Geology
Principles of Statistics 48 400 3 MAT:156 Statistics
Social Sciences
Criminal Justice 49 400 3 CRJ:100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Human Cultural Geography 48 N/A 3 GEO:121 World Regional Geography