Children in the Middle

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Helping Children Cope With Family Transitions

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges is authorized to conduct Children in the Middle, a parenting education program within the Seventh Judicial District of the State of Iowa and the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Illinois.

Changes in family structure through dissolution of marriage, custody modifications, remarriage, etc. are difficult experiences for a child.

Children in the Middle is a four-hour class providing education and affirmation for parents, with the primary focus on children’s needs at all ages.

Topics include:

  •  Parenting skills for divorcing parents

  •  Child’s needs/survival techniques

  •  Healthy vs. problematic reactions of most kids

  •  Age-specific needs of your children

  •  Identifying how your child feels

These classes are conducted by qualified professionals approved by Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

Class fee is $39.