Video Marketing Certificate

Video marketing is the latest hot new marketing trend. Shoppers who viewed product videos were 144% more likely to add the product to their cart.  Video with good SEO has a 53% higher chance of showing up on page one of Google searches. When done correctly, video can tell a story, and stories connect people. Video also leads to an emotional ‘trigger’ that plain text cannot do. 



Individual Courses

  • Video Marketing

    Sight, sound and motion are much more compelling than static words on a page. Video is very hypnotic and it quickly speeds up the “know, like and trust” factor with your audience. In this course you will discover how to use simple online video to bond with your viewer, drive traffic to your website, boost business and build brand awareness. Learn how to use Google and YouTube with your video to market your business 24/7.

    Find out how to shoot simple, effective videos without costly fancy equipment or savvy technical skills.  Discover the secrets to creating content that commands attention.  Learn how to dominate Google and YouTube with your video and to strategically use YouTube to market your business 24/7 -- even while you sleep. 

    March 2 – 27, 2020
    May 4 – 29, 2020
    July 6 – 31, 2020

  • YouTube for Business

    Increase your business with YouTube, the online video site and now the second largest search engine. Discover the power of video for your organization. Find out what types of video work best, how other business organizations leverage YouTube, how to create your own YouTube channel, and how to add captions, annotations and other extra features.

    YouTube is the second largest search engine (behind Google) and successful businesses and organizations are learning how to use it to their advantage. This marketing giant reaches a broad age range and all genders, with over 35 hours of video being uploaded every minute. The accessibility of YouTube has been powerful, as it is available from nearly every mobile device and many TV systems.

    Learn how your videos can rise above funny cat videos, to page one of Google. Just like other sites such as Facebook, this is a social network that needs to be set-up, optimized, and used regularly. Learn how to adopt YouTube into your current marketing and social media strategy and which patterns of behavior work the best.

    February 3 – 28, 2020
    April 6 – May 1, 2020
    June 1 – 26, 2020