Frontline Leadership Level 1

Level 1 Frontline Leadership provides the basic building blocks for an effective communication process - achieving mutual understanding between the sender and receiver. Without effective communication, it is difficult to build motivated and highly successful teams. These modules provide step-by-step direction to help you develop powerful techniques that result in productive and rewarding organizations.

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Public Cost: $1,000/student for the entire series

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Module 1: Defining Me as a Leader

Understand the importance of organizational values to improve communication and team-building

Module 2: Expressing My Message Effectively

Ever thought you delivered a clear message, only to find out later it wasn’t clear to the receiver? Learn how to prepare and deliver a message that ensures the audience perspective, content and delivery style are in harmony.

Module 3: Constructive Feedback

There is no organizational growth without feedback. Unfortunately, leaders often avoid giving feedback out of fear.  They feel this fear despite most people wanting to know when they are not meeting expectations. Take the fear out of the delivery by preparing and delivering a constructive feedback message when the employee behavior is not meeting the defined standard.

Module 4: Disruptive Emotional Behavior

We can be caught off guard when confronted with unwarranted emotional behavior. Put the brakes on these types of communication blocking actions by learning a strategy for handling disruptive emotional behavior.

Module 5: Positive Recognition

Have you ever heard an employee complain about too much positive recognition? Delivering an effective positive recognition message is one of the most powerful – and most underutilized - tools in the leadership toolbox.