Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) Sector Board held its first meeting in March of 2014.  Two priorities were identified by the board:  Outreach to middle and high school students, and an IT focus in downtown Davenport, including WiFi access.  

The board suggested a need for IT certifications locally in such areas as Cisco, Microsoft Certification, and Open Source.  It also identified a need for on-going training for professionals in the field.  

The board emphasized the need for “soft skills” among employees including problem solving skills, discipline, study habits and basic techniques.  IT workers need to be able to work both independently as well as in teams.  In addition the board saw a need for leadership training to help IT workers transition into management roles.  

Moving forward, the IT Sector Board is working on developing technology clubs at area middle schools and forming a training consortium to better capitalize on training dollars and ensure high-end training locally.