Excel Short Topics: Text Functions

Do you ever work with data sets prepared by somebody else that are messy, disorganized, full of clutter, or inconsistently formatted? Do you ever want to display numbers in a more readable format, or at least in a format that makes more sense? If you’ve ever experienced those situations, this class will be useful to you as it focuses on the use of Excel’s text functions.

This class begins by exploring which functions join together and split text (CONCATENATE and Text to Columns). Then you will unlock the power of pulling pieces of a text string (LEFT, RIGHT, MID, LEN and FIND) out and how to then embed that piece into an IF function or string items together for use in a LOOKUP. Appropriate use of formatting functions (UPPER, LOWER, and PROPER) will also be explained. Named ranges for use within these functions will also be covered. Finally, you will learn about using the Paste Special features of Pasting Values and Transpose.