INSpiring Partnership

In the spring of 2009 Elaine Martin, Director of Surgical Services at Genesis Medical Center, recognized a national trend impacting the Quad Cities in their operating rooms. Genesis, like many other hospitals across the country, was beginning to experience a staffing shortfall from the natural attrition of retirees and difficulty in recruiting and retaining employees to the area.

Surgical technology programInstead of simply dismissing this with the excuse of "it's a bigger problem than we can fix," Martin began to ask questions of the hospital administration and the local community college. She and other key administrators met with Janet Coogan, Dean of Instruction at Scott Community College, to discuss what opportunities existed to partner with the community college for the training of the local workforce to become Surgical Technologists.

The doors of opportunity were opened. In just 18 months from their first meeting, the first Surgical Technology classes were held at the Scott Community College Belmont Campus. Genesis had helped create the curriculum for the course, donated more than $30,000 of in-kind equipment to the program, provided space at their East Campus for classes until remodeling was complete at the Belmont Campus and partnered with the college on an Accelerated Career Education (ACE) grant through the Iowa Department of Economic Development. The grant provided $366,666 to remodel existing space at Scott Community College's Belmont Campus for the new program.

In the fall of 2010, the first class of Surgical Technologists graduated from Scott Community College. Two students from this class, Kara Rakin-Hess and Katie Duran, are already hard at work at Genesis Medical Center as Surgical Technologists.

This is just one example of the value Scott Community College has in the local economy and to the future of the Quad Cities. You too can Get IN 2 Scott Community College. Come learn how - take a Get IN 2 Tour.

SCC Surgical Technology Program Director/ Instructor

Dee Brand, CST, RN, CNOR, was hired in 2009 as Scott Community College's Surgical Technology Program Director/Instructor. She worked at Genesis Medical Center for 12 years starting in the operating room in 1997 as a Surgical Technologist. She received her Associates Degree in Nursing from Scott Community College in 2002. When the opportunity to teach at Scott Community College became a reality, she was eager to get back into the classroom. Brand had already been a mentor at Genesis Medical Center training the new "scrubs" for many years.

"I was excited about the opportunity to return to Scott Community College and give back," Brand said. "I have been overwhelmed with how much this program has taken off in the Iowa- Illinois area. It began with one idea from Genesis, and with the support of many other facilities, it has greatly expanded. This is absolutely a community program now."