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SCC Kahl Educational Center

EICC proposes new urban campus in Downtown Davenport

A major renovation of the Kahl Building in downtown Davenport is included in a $50 million plan by Restoration St. Louis and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges to pair up and create an urban campus and more downtown housing.

The SCC Kahl Educational Center has grown from a dream to a significant factor in Quad Cities education. Opened in 1920 as Davenport’s first “skyscraper” office building, it was donated to Scott Community College in 1994 and opened as an educational facility two years later.

Nearly 1,000 students attend classes at the Kahl each semester in college transfer and a number of career technology programs.

The building includes eight general classrooms, six computer labs, one dry science lab, three electronic classrooms, three fiber optic (ICN) classrooms and one televised conference room. In addition, the tenth floor conference center and several smaller meeting rooms are available for community use.

Kahl Educational Center