Daffodil Collection

In 1971 - 1975 the Bickelhaupts started a group of Mt. Hood, King Alfred, Music Hall, Rosy Pink and Rosy Sunrise Narcissus (daffodils) for early and long lasting color.

For five years, 200 daffodils were planted, first by hand with a trowel and then a bulb planter. They were easy to start and demanded very little maintenance and the placement was under the Malus (crabapple collection).

"Graceful Mallard" photo by George E. Surprenant
"Graceful Mallard" photo by George E. Surprenant

Around Earth Day the spring bulbs burst into bloom. We estimate there are about 16,000 flowers. The hillside is vivid with the yellow, white, and deep golds great to enjoy and photograph.  

The fact that we do not mow off the flowers and plants, letting them grow and  naturalize and take energy in for next season, is a different approach for some visitors. Usually right after the Fourth of July the whole area is mowed and the grass returns to the site. The plants spread, so occasionally we transplant them back into the open collections.  

More recently we added split cup and also double cup daffodils. The entire area is a sight to behold when the daffodills and crabapples are in full bloom in the spring.

"Mount Hood" photo by Margo Hansen

Daffodils, Photo by Margo Hansen