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Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) has more than 1,000 upcoming college credit classes available for students. That's because the college has broken the old model of all classes beginning on the traditional semester start date in January.

EICC, which includes Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges, now has classes beginning throughout the year. That means someone thinking about returning for their college transfer or technical degree, but who missed the January start, still has a variety of options available to them.

"We have both a 12-week session coming up on February 17 and then an eight-week session starting on March 24," said EICC Associate Director for Enrollment Management Erin Snyder. "These sessions allow students to begin their education now, rather than waiting for summer classes or all the way to next fall."

She said the sessions are popular with both returning and new students to the colleges.

“The shorter schedule allows students to pick up their credits even more quickly,” she said. “It really helps them get a jump on completing their education.”

In addition to the classroom-based classes, the colleges have a number of online classes beginning in March as well. Students can complete these classes at home providing them the ability to fit them around busy work and family schedules.

A number of the classes are part of the colleges’ transfer program. EICC maintains formal transfer agreements with the state universities and area private colleges, making it easy for students to transfer their credits once they complete their education here and begin at the junior-year level at their new college.

The colleges also offer more than 50 career programs, providing students with a wide variety of choices. These programs range from a single semester in length to a full two years. The colleges maintain advisory committees, comprised of area employers, to make sure that the knowledge students learn in the classrooms and labs are what is being required in the workplace.

Financial aid is available and the college continues to provide the lowest tuition in the state of Iowa.

For more information students should call the college nearest them or toll-free 1-888-336-3907.