Chinese Classes

Shanghai PudongEastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) will be offering the online class, Elementary Chinese, for the first time this semester. The class comes as part of an ever-growing partnership between EICC’s Muscatine Community College and the country of China.

Already the college has hosted visiting instructors from China and sponsored two student trips to the country. In addition, MCC is working with Chinese representatives to bring students to the college to study.

Both Elementary Chinese and a related course, Non-Western Culture and Values, are part of EICC’s partnership with the Iowa Community College Online Consortium. The unique partnership of several Iowa community colleges makes it possible for students to earn their Associate in Arts degree entirely online.

FLC-141 Elementary Chinese I (4 credits)

In this course students develop the basic skills of understanding, speaking, reading and writing Chinese. The course also includes grammar analysis, classroom conversational practice and some exploration of the Chinese culture.

CLS-121 Non-Western Culture and Values  (3 credits)

This course is an integrated humanities course which introduces students to cultures and values of the non-western world: the Pacific Rim, South Asia, East Asia and Africa. Each unit surveys the geographic and cultural background of the region. Attention is also focused on issues that impact the world and on cultural forms that are revealing of the society.

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