Iowa Wesleyan University Joint Admissions Application


Joint Admissions Application

Application for Joint Admissions
Colleges of Liberal Arts, Business, and Education
EICCD ~ Iowa Wesleyan College
PERSONAL DATASocial Security # ________________________
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________
 LastFirstMiddleOther name that may appear on
Supporting documents
Current Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________
Number and Street
  ________________________________________________ Phone (   )________________
City                                               State    
Permanent Mailing Address __________________________________________________________________
Number and Street
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City                                               State    
Email Address _____________________________________________________________________________
U.S. Citizen or Resident ____ Yes   ____ No         If No, country of citizenship ________________________
High School Name _________________________________________________________________________
High School Address _______________________________________________________________________
Number and StreetCityState
H.S. Graduation Date ____________         H.S. completion by ____ Diploma   ____ Equivalency Certificate
Anticipated date of entry at Iowa Wesleyan College ______________________________________________
      Semester   Year
Have you ever been enrolled at Iowa Wesleyan College ____ Yes   ____ No
 If Yes, during what Semester and Year? ____________________________________
Other Colleges attended prior to anticipated enrollment at Iowa Wesleyan College ____________________
Intended Program of Study at EICCD ____________________   Intended IWC Major ___________________
  • I understand I must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA based on all transferable course work from all colleges attended.
  • I understand I must meet the same criteria (e.g., GPA, course requirements, and prerequisites) for admission as continuing Iowa Wesleyan College students.
  • I authorize EICCD to release confidential education record information (including grade reports and/or transcripts) to Iowa Wesleyan College.
  • I certify that the foregoing information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and realize that failure to provide official transcripts and other required information may result in the cancellation of admission or registration.

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