Automation, Associate in Applied Science Degree

Program Description for Automation

Student working on a wind turbineThe Automation program is a track in our Engineering Technology program. Find more information on Engineering Technology.

The program provides a great deal of flexibility, making it ideal for students coming straight out of high school as well as those already in the workforce. It includes flexible scheduling, hybrid courses (a combination of in-class and online learning), and a model of eight-week modules that allow numerous start times during the year.

Curriculum for Automation

The Associate in Applied Science degree program is designed so that the first three semesters are identical and students can take courses at any of the three colleges. In the final semester, the student has the choice of specializing in four different areas: Automation, Electro/Mechanical, Process Control or Renewable Energy.

ATR:105 Industrial Robotics 3
ATR:106 Motion Control 3
ELT:177 Microcontrollers 3
Must select two from below for at least six hours:
EGT:135 Fluid Power Design & Application or 3
IND:136 Process Control I or 3
EGT:137 Fluid Power Control or
CHM:122 Introduction to General Chemistry or
IND:137 Process Control II  
  Semester Total 15
  Engineering Tech AAS – Automation Total 62