Automotive Technology, Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Program Description for Automotive Technology Degree

Since the inception of Scott Community College, Auto Technology has been one of the college's most successful programs. The Automotive Technology Program is a two-year program admitting students in the Fall and Spring semester every year.

Automotive technology lab

In 1988 the Automotive Technology Program became the first program in Iowa to gain master certification in Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Graduates from our program are prepared to pass certification exams in all of the following eight areas: Engine Repair, Manual Drive Train & Axles, Brakes, Heating & Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission/Transaxle, Suspension & Steering, Electrical/ Electronics Systems, and Engine Performance.

Automotive technology lab

An Automotive Technician must be a versatile person willing to deal with customers as well as repair automobiles. Today's technicians work with computers and other sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Some of the graduates of this program will work in shops as general line technicians performing work on all systems of the vehicle. Others will work in specialty shops that specialize in just certain areas of the vehicle such as brakes or transmissions. Graduates may also work in related areas such as service advising or parts distribution.

Award Options for Automotive Technology Degree

  • Associate in Applied Science - Automotive Technology

  • Diploma - Automotive Technology

Job Outlook for Automotive Technology Degree

Employment of automotive service technicians and mechanics is expected to increase 17 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Continued growth in the number of vehicles in use in the United States will lead to new jobs for workers performing basic car maintenance and repair.

Additionally, the average lifespan of vehicles is increasing, which will further increase the demand for repair services, especially post-warranty work. Median annual wage of automotive service technicians and mechanics, including commission, are $35,790 . The lowest 10 percent earned less than $20,200, and the top 10 percent earned more than $59,590

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