Sales and Service Diploma Curriculum

AGA:351 Soil Science 1.5
AGB:103 Agricultural Economics (GE: Soc Sci/Hum) 1.5
AGB:105 Business Principles I 1.75
AGB:108 Human Relations I 1.5
AGB:141 Applied Agribusiness Accounting I 1.5
AGB:191 Agricultural Sales I 1.5
AGB:231 Futures and Options 1.5
AGB:304 Agricultural Finance 1.5
AGC:910 Alpha Mu Sigma I 0.5
AGC:941 Employment Experience I 3
COM:102 Communication Skills (GE: Comm) I 3
  Semester Total 18.5
AGA:285 Crop Protection 3
AGB:112 Human Relations II 1.75
AGB:193 Agricultural Sales II 1.25
AGC:862 Employment Experience II 3.5
AGC:911 Alpha Mu Sigma II 0.5
MAT:104 Applied Math Topics (GE: Sci/Math) 3
SPC:111 Public Speaking (GE: Comm) 2
  Semester Total 15
  Diploma Total 33.5