Info for Guest Students


  • Total tuition is $171/credit hour. Online Fees are NOT refundable after December 20! To login at, you will need a User ID. This login information is sent automatically upon enrollment in a confirmation email to your Live email account. If you do not receive your User ID, please contact the e-Learning Office at 563-336-3460 or 1-800-850-5443.

  • Textbooks are required in online classes unless specified.

  • The majority of the online classes are NOT SELF-PACED

  • Student Orientation Tutorial is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It is located under Special Courses when you login at, and you have access to it immediately.

  • Go to Student Orientation to eCollege for additional information about online courses including a list of items to complete prior to term start.

  • If you answer no to one or more of the questions below, online may not be for you.

    • On average, will you have 25-40 HOURS PER WEEK to dedicate to each of your 4-week online classes?
    • Can you follow written instructions?
    • Can you solve problems on your own?
    • Are you organized, disciplined, and motivated?
    • Do you prefer face-to-face interaction?

  • Holidays and breaks are not observed by online classes (eCourses only).


Guest students are students attending EICC for either Winterim or summer courses only. The guest student must be attending another accredited college or university. The guest student should work with the academic advisor at their home institution on appropriate placement and acceptance of the planned courses.

Below is the link to register for Winterim classes:


You can find out the name of your Academic Advisor by logging into EICConnect and navigating to the appropriate location. Here are directions:

  • Log in to EICConnect and then click the e-bridge tab in the upper right hand corner of the page.

  • Once in e-bridge, select Student in the blue bar running under the tabs.

  • From there, click on “Email My Advisor(s)” under the Communication box on the left hand side of the page. You should see two names here. One will be your Academic Advisor, and the other will be your Student Achievement Advisor.


EICC Students: If you have not filed your FAFSA, please do so as soon as possible. Winterim courses are four week courses that begin late December and are considered spring term courses. Financial aid disbursements for Winterim will occur in February with regular spring disbursements. Please contact the financial aid office if you have questions.

Guest Students: Please contact your home institution to inquire about financial aid eligibility for your Winterim course.


If you are NEW to online learning through the ICCOC or you have FORGOTTEN your password, you will need to request that a “password reset” link be sent via email to you. The password reset link allows you to create a password (if you are a new user) or update your password to the online system (if you have forgotten it). You may make this request either through the “Forgot your Password?” link at or by going directly to

Each password reset link is time-sensitive and can only be accessed once in each individual email. (You may make multiple requests for the password reset link.)

For more information about the password reset link and security questions, please visit:

Student Orientation to eCollege

The email address used to send this message is the email address located in the eCollege System. To check the email address that is listed in the eCollege System for you, please go to “My Profile” located at the top-right corner of the page after logging in at This is the email address that your instructor will use to contact you.



All EICC students who register will receive a free Live e-mail account. You will have to set-up your Live e-mail account within 24 hours of registering to receive a confirmation e-mail with your login information. Contact the EICC Help Desk to set up your account at 563- 336-3456 or

  1. Enter into the address bar of your Internet browser and press enter. If you already know your username and password skip to step 4. If this is your first time logging in, or if you do not know your username or password, follow the steps below to retrieve your username and/or establish a password. Your default password for EICConnect should be PassXXXXXXX – with a capital “P” and the “Xs” being your college ID seven digit number. (If you had a Campus Cruiser account your username will be the same for EICConnect, but the password will not be the same.)

  2. If you do not know your username click on the “What is my username” link. You will be asked for your last name and SSN or college ID. Enter that information and click the “Retrieve Username” button. Your username will be displayed on the next page. Then select the “Click here to Reset or Change Password” link.

  3. If it is your first time logging in and you know your username select the “Reset Password” link and enter your username, SSN, and what you would like to use for your password, twice. (If you do not have a SSN on file with the colleges please call the EICC Help Desk at the number listed below.) Then click the “Reset Password” button. Once you have successfully reset your password click the link to return to the login page.

  4. Log into the EICConnect site using “EICCD\” before your username. While the EICCD is not case sensitive, both the username and passwords are, and the slash between the EICCD and Username is a backslash (\) – located above the Enter key on a computer keyboard. A forward slash (/) will not allow you to login.

  5. The first time you log into your e-mail account you will need make sure the language is English (United States), and set the time zone to (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada).

  6. Your Live email account is considered your primary email for EICC.

All correspondence from ICCOC will be sent to this e-mail address including your confirmation email containing your login information.

In the rare event that the EICConnect website is shut down (maintenance, power outage), you can still access your online courses by logging in at If you do not know your login or password for Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC), please the E-learning Department at 563-336-3460.


  1. Please refer to the ICCOC Website at
  2. Contact the eCollege Help Desk if you need login information or technical assistance with your online course. The eCollege help desk is available 24/7 at (800) 970-8228 or
  3. Call 1-800-850-5443 or 563-336-3460.


To be sure that your computer meets the minimum system and browser requirements necessary to participate in an online course, please go to and click on Technical Requirements. You will find all of the current system requirements, be able to perform a browser test and find links to downloads for features that may be needed in a particular online course. If you have any questions in regards to these technical requirements, please contact the eCollege Help Desk.

NOTE: If you receive an authentication error, you are using an unsupported browser for your online class.