Test Drive an Online Course

Here is a brief description of online course processes:

Assignments: For each week of the term you may be asked to complete readings assignments, writing assignments, projects and other activities. You can work on your own time, but you must submit the assignments when they are due.

Submitting homework: You may be asked to submit your homework in the assignment desk or via e-mail as a simple message or a file attachment. You may also be asked to post your assignment publicly or privately in the forum.

Lectures: Online lectures are often provided to supplement the textbook chapters assigned. Links to online lectures, whether PowerPoint presentations, RealAudio, text or other are usually provided in the classroom.

Discussions: You may be asked to participate in forum discussions every week or at specific times throughout the term. Many instructors give points for active participation. Maintain frequent "contact" with your instructor and peers in the forum by asking questions, reflecting on your learning and sharing ideas. The more involved you are, the more you will learn.

Questions: In an online course, you can't raise your hand to ask a question. However, you can post a question in the student lounge (discussion board). Your instructor will respond to your question in a timely manner. You may also use e-mail, telephone or fax.

Testing: At different times during the term your instructor may test your understanding of the material. The quizzes may be timed or activated during a specific period only. The instructor reserves the right to schedule a proctored exam in which you may have to take the exam at an approved location in your community.

Demo Course

Take an e-learning demo courseWant to experience an online course? Here is a demo course that you can explore. Just click on the image below. You will have to fill out your name, phone number and e-mail. This information is used for ICCOC data only and is not shared with anyone. Have fun and give it a try!

What is a Typical Online Session?

Online students must log onto the course several times during the week, and especially early in the week to see what is due so that they can schedule time to complete reading and writing assignments, contribute to discussions and take any tests that might be scheduled.

Here is a typical pattern of an online student:

1. Log onto the course.

2. Go to the classroom to see what is due. Many instructors post announcements online rather than email them

  • Read or print lectures or articles provided.
  • Read or print guidelines to assignments.
  • View videos or slidecasts.
  • See if a quiz or test is due.

3. Go to the discussion board.

  • Contribute to mandatory or optional class discussions.
  • Respond to classmates' questions.
  • Ask the instructor for clarifications.

4. Check email and respond to urgent messages.

5. Schedule time to complete readings, other assignments and to take quizzes or exams.

6. Submit homework via email or the assignment dropbox.

The order, importance and types of tasks may vary from course to course.