You must complete the FAFSA form to apply for federal, state and some types of institutional aid. It is in your best interest to file the FAFSA as early after January 1 as possible, as some funds may be limited. Other deadlines are as follows: EICC's priority deadline is April 1, and the State of Iowa has a July 1 deadline. Check out FAFSA on the web for more information or to complete the form on-line.

The (EICC) Federal School Codes are as follows :

  • Clinton Community College  -  (CCC)  -  001853
  • Muscatine Community College  -  (MCC)  -  001882
  • Scott Community College  -  (SCC)  -  004074

A student who plans to enroll at more than one EICC campus, should use the federal code of the campus that is granting the degree. (Example: a student who is degree seeking at MCC but is taking classes at both MCC and SCC would use MCC's code.)

You must complete a FAFSA each academic year.

Complete and submit the following documents to the financial aid office if you are selected for verification by the federal government. (After you complete your FAFSA, the federal government will send you a Student Aid Report (SAR). If the government has randomly selected you for verification, your SAR will state this.)

  1. A verification worksheet. The financial aid office will send this form for you to complete and return directly to the financial aid office.
  2. A signed copy of your (and your spouse's, if married) federal tax return.
  3. A signed copy of your parents' federal tax return if you are a dependent student (you were required to provide parental information on your FAFSA).
  4. Any additional documentation the financial aid office requests of you.

(If you did not keep a copy of your tax return, you may call the IRS at (800) 829-1040, to request a copy. Be sure to indicate this is for financial aid purposes.)
Also, complete the college's foundation scholarship application and any outside or private scholarship applications for which you are applying. Many organizations offer scholarships to students attending college. Check with any organizations you and/or family members belong to and ask them if they offer scholarships. You may also do a free scholarship search over the web by accessing www.fastweb.com.

(Caution: Please be wary of scholarship services that offer guarantees or charge money for their services. No one can guarantee a scholarship or grant.)
Once your file is complete and accurate, you will be sent a financial aid award letter indicating the types of financial aid you qualify for, how much, and how to proceed (please be advised that eligibility is based on full-time enrollment and students enrolled at less than full-time status will have their awards adjusted according to their enrollment level). Students who are eligible for student loans and/or college work-study will receive additional forms with the award letter that must be completed and returned to the financial aid office in order to qualify for this funding.
The business office will then be notified of any available funding you may have and these funds will be credited to your tuition and fees. If the financial aid for which you qualify exceeds the amount of your tuition and fees, the bookstore will then be notified that you can charge books. The earliest books may be charged against financial aid is two weeks prior to the start of each semester. Any bookstore charges over and above your available financial aid eligibility is your responsibility.

VERY IMPORTANT!!  Tuition and fees are due to the business office approximately three weeks before each semester begins. Keep in mind that financial aid can be a long process. If your financial aid eligibility has not been determined by the tuition due date, you will need to pay in full or sign up for the college's payment plan

In order to insure that your financial aid is in place by the tuition due date, you should file your FAFSA by June 1 for the fall semester, November 1 for the spring semester (for new students who did not file a fall FAFSA), or March 1 for the summer semester. If you are transferring your financial aid from another institution, please contact the financial aid office on how to start the aid transfer process.