Welcome Back

Students walking through the hallwayJoin us this Fall Semester to continue your progress toward your degree.

Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community College are committed to your success.

As a successful former student, we would like to welcome you back this fall with this exciting offer:

  • Welcome Back Students will work with an Advisor to develop a degree plan.

  • Your Student Success Advisor and will assist you with your academic plans and degree completion.

  • Receive 50% off your first class (up to 4 credit hours) that meets a degree requirement.

  • Meet with Joe, Erika or Steve to plan and register for a Fall 2014 class by August 11 to receive this discount.

We look forward to having you return as a student.

For more information, please please contact:

Muscatine Community College
Erika Battern

Clinton Community College
Joe Shovlain

Scott Community College
Steve Bergren