Entrepreneurship Day

Muscatine Entrepreneurship Exposition

Dream it. Believe it. Start it!

April 30, 2013

MCC had their second Entrepreneurship Day in April 2013. This day is designed for a select group of MCC and high school students. All are currently enrolled in entrepreneurship courses, have expressed an interest in owning their own business, or have a creative idea that has the potential to breathe new life into Muscatine or its surrounding communities.

Students attended a keynote presentation by Joe Crookham, Founder and CEO of Musco Lighting. Joe Crookham is a long-time advocate of safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally responsible lighting. Musco Lighting, along with Muscatine Community College and the Greater Muscatine Chamber of Commerce sponsored the event.

Students had the opportunity to attend tours and panel workshops including:

  • Musco Five Easy Pieces
    Tour & Workshop

  • Paul Kraushaar, P.T.
    Founder & President of Muscatine Physical Therapy

  • E-Speed Roundtable Workshops
    with Local Entrepreneurs