Cooking Classes

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ Continuing Education Department offers a variety of cooking classes. Most classes take place at the college’s West Davenport Center, 2950 N. Fairmount St. Cost for most of the hands-on classes is $24. Take a virtual tour of the West Davenport Center to see the cooking lab. Below is a list of the upcoming cooking classes available. Classes are from 6 - 9 p.m. unless otherwise noted.

Register online or call the college’s Registration Center at 563-441-4100 or 1-888-336-3907.  


Beer Can Chicken on the Grill

Learn how to season the chicken and the beer. We’ll make Tortellini salad, awesome brownies, and a delicious corn dip appetizer too!

Monday, June 27
Inst. Webb



Off the Beaten Path Gourmet

Experience Chef Stephanie’s secret gourmet spots in the Chicago area. Wear your walking shoes, bring a cell phone, an insulated container with ice for perishables, an umbrella, and be ready for a gourmet adventure. Cost: $89

Wednesday, July 6
7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Kimberly Center-Alternative
Ed Inst. Godke

Debone a Whole Chicken

Debone a whole chicken to include the hind quarter and stuff with sausage and cranberry forcemeat.

Thursday, July 7
Inst. True

Tiered Cakes

Build your own tiered cake for that special occasion such as a Birthday, Wedding, or Anniversary. Learn to bake, level, and decorate. It is easier than it looks!
Monday, July 11
Inst. Cunningham

Mexican Made Easy

Learn how to make flour and corn tortillas. Then the fun begins... with our freshly made tortillas, we will learn how to make authentic Baja fish tacos and Ancho Chile beef enchiladas. Bring a cast iron skillet if you have one.

Tuesday, July 12
Inst. Carr

Virtually Vegetarian

Healthy meatless recipes that will please even the carnivores in your family.

Wednesday, July 13
Inst. LaBella

Seasonal Taste/Central Plains

Learn how to care for and prepare the goods found in our front yard. Seasonal ingredients and ideas.

Thursday, July 14
Inst. True

Summer Soups

Hot and cold summer soups. Included in this class will be chilled Avocado and Ginger soup, and a creamy Carrot-Leek soup.

Monday, July 18
Inst. Carr

Three Little Fishes

Fish dishes for the faint of heart. Fish is often cooked poorly, and in this class you’ll learn the tips and tricks to make your fish taste superb.

Tuesday, July 19
Inst. LaBella

Custards & Puddings

After learning just how easy it is to make these dessert favorites, you’ll never have to buy them again! Featured in this class will be classic Crème Brûlée, Chocolate pudding, and Mexican flan.

Wednesday, July 20
Inst. Carr

Lemon Curd Dessert

No longer fear this custard! Learn how to make a Lemon Curd Icebox cake.

Thursday, July 21
Inst. True

No Bake Desserts

Try these interesting desserts.

Monday, July 25
Inst. Cunningham

Breakfast for Dinner

Everyone loves breakfast for dinner, but this class will teach you to take it to another level. Simple yet delicious kicked up French Toast with fresh fruit compote and homemade breakfast sausage will be highlighted in this class.

Tuesday, July 26
Inst. Carr

Power Woking

Learn to use this versatile Chinese cooking pan and make fun Oriental dishes.

Wednesday, July 27
Inst. LaBella

Wheat Berries & Flax

Make a salad with them whole, and mill them into flour to make bread.

Thursday, July 28
Inst. True



Boozy Cakes

Includes recipes for cakes made with Champaign, Rum, Amaretto and Guinness Beer.

Monday, August 1
Inst. Cunningham


In this class, we will learn a versatile pie dough recipe that can be used for sweet or savory dishes. Included in this class will be a stunning quiche, Apple pie and Peach pie... perfect for your summer table!

Tuesday, August 2
Inst. Carr

Summers in Tuscany/Italian Cooking

You read the book. You saw the movie. Now come and learn how to make some Tuscan dishes.

Wednesday, August 3
Inst. LaBella

Artichoke, Artichoke

Artichokes from the can or fresh. Learn how to prepare this edible thistle and see what you can and cannot eat. Make a delicious artichoke dip and clarify butter.

Thursday, August 4
Inst. True

Fun with Phyllo

Bring in the dough - Recipes for each course, from appetizer through dessert.

Monday, August 8
Inst. Cunningham


Never buy dried pasta again. This fresh pasta class will teach you the basics of making pasta, and then will offer up different uses, including Ravioli and Fettuccini.

Tuesday, August 9
Inst. Carr

If You Knew Sushi is Back Again

Have fun making sushi; we promise that by the end of the class you will be rocking and rolling.
Wednesday, August 10
Inst. LaBella

Farmer's/Ethnic Markets Chicago

A whirl wind tour with lots of stops including the Farmer’s Market and some ethnic markets. As always, a stop at Trader Joe’s to stock up on some goodies. Wear your walking shoes, and bring a cell phone and a cooler. Cost: $89

Wednesday, August 10
7 a.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Kimberly Center-Alternative Ed
Inst. Godke

Dry Rubs & Marinades

Infuse flavor into almost anything with dry rubs and marinades.
Thursday, August 11
Inst. True

All Things Chocolate...

Poured Chocolate Ganache’: Take your cake to the next level with this gourmet cake icing, learn how to make molding chocolate and the art of chocolate roses.

Monday, August 15
Inst. Cunningham

All Things Dairy

Who says you can’t have ice cream all year long? Featured in this class will be homemade ice cream, Ricotta cheese, and Mozzarella cheese.

Tuesday, August 16
Inst. Carr

Knead Some Dough?

Not money, but bread! Have fun raising what you knead to make meals complete.

Wednesday, August 17
Inst. LaBella

Knife Skills

Knife skills and vegetable preparation: Learn skills to reduce time and increase efficiency in the kitchen. Cut various fruits and vegetables and prepare a display.

Thursday, August 18
Inst. True

All Things Meringue!

Cookies, kisses, crusts and pies-learn the secrets of this great light and fluffy dessert!

Monday, August 22
Inst. Cunningham


Learn a cheesecake base that can be made into any flavor you want. All you need to decide is... what crust?

Tuesday, August 23
Inst. True

Ham It Up

Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.

Wednesday, August 24
Inst. LaBella

The Amazing Beet

Learn how to select, care for and prepare this great root vegetable. See just how it can be used for more than just a pickle. Make a Beet Risotto, a Beet Vinaigrette and even a soup.

Thursday, August 25
Inst. True

Love Creme Brulee

Learn how to make a Crème Brûlée cake that will have your family and guests coming back for more.

Monday, August 29
Inst. Cunningham

What's Up Grill Friend?

More than Burgers and Brats.
Tuesday, August 30
Inst. LaBella

Cast Iron Cookery

See how versatile these classic pans really are as we prepare an oven chicken and Peach Cobbler. Learn how to properly season your cast iron pans for easy maintenance. (If you have a cast iron pan that needs to be seasoned, please bring it to class)

Wednesday, August 31
Inst. True