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 Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds had a dream. "I was very excited
about starting college as a Pre-Engineering major
and wanted to work in a technical industry,"
explains Ashley. Her plans changed somewhat
with the birth of her first child – a beautiful addition
to her life, but with a significant impact on her
lifestyle and the time she had for college. Although
she worked to keep classes in the mix, it became
more difficult. Then a chronic illness brought both a
challenge and an opportunity.

"I knew there were some things I needed to
address if I wanted to regain a normal life,"
says Ashley. One of them was getting back
to her dream of a degree in Engineering. Ashley
was drawn to EICC's Mechanical Design program
and – through online classes, open lab times at
the SCC Blong Technology Center and an 8-week
format – was able to make the program work with
her schedule. She signed up for her first class Fall
2012 and walked across the stage in May 2014
with a 3.5 GPA to receive her degree.

But it gets EVEN better. Ashley attended an EICC
Career Fair prior to graduating and met with
Rockwell Collins. "Long story short, I had a
phone interview on May 9th and by May 12th
had been offered a full time Mechanical Design
position with a great salary and benefits! I hadn't
even graduated yet, but had landed my dream
job," she says happily. "My life will never be the same."

Jarica Whitney
Jarica Whitney
was ready to test her limits. "I
chose Nursing because I wanted to see what my
limit was," she says. "I chose EICC because I knew
they had a good nursing program and my cousins
have all been at EICC," so she felt it would be a
good fit for her as well. And it was. "My instructors
really helped me gain a passion for nursing and
helped me to realize the love I have for
Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology," she
explains. "They helped me gain the foundation I

According to Jarica, her education helped her
qualify for the job she has now in the Emergency
Department at McDonough District Hospital in
Macomb, IL. "I was hired on the condition that I
passed my nursing boards (state exams) and
one of my instructors was an instrumental part
of supporting me in passing them," she adds.

Her goal now is to become a great ER nurse and
then work on becoming a flight nurse. She has
some advice for people thinking about starting
college: "Just go for it. There is a saying I love to
think about that says, ‘Don't let the time it takes to
achieve a dream deter you from it. The time will
pass anyway.'"

Joe Gomez
Joe Gomez
is the proud owner of his own
business – a busy restaurant in Davenport with a
growing reputation for fresh, flavorful authentic
Mexican food. But, Joe's future didn't always look
this bright. And he's the first one to tell you that. "I
didn't always make the best choices or decisions.
Too often, I really didn't care about other people
and did what I wanted to do without always thinking
about the consequences," he says. "Looking back,
that led me to years of my life that were just
wasted and not something I could be proud of."

The good news? Joe made a decision to turn his
life around. Which led him to the Culinary program
at Scott Community College. "My instructors there
really believed in me. They gave me a chance," he
adds. And, oh boy, what he's done with it! "My
cousin and I worked together to open this
restaurant," Joe explains. "He had some experience
in the food business. All I had was a love for
cooking, my experience through my education and
apprenticeship with the SCC Culinary Arts program
(Joe graduated with an A.A.S degree) and a real
desire to build something successful." Together
with support from family and others, Los Primos
now employs 8 people and is enjoying a growing
business in its first year. "Getting my degree wasn't
easy – I had to work hard and really commit to making
it work," he says. "I was so happy and so proud on
the day I graduated. Now I put those feelings into my
business – doing something I love and making people
feel good to be here. I want everyone to know:
If I can do this, YOU can do this."

Currently, Scott Community College has more than 92,000 alumni living in all 50 states and 25% of the current Quad Cities population has attended Scott Community College.
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Outstanding Alumni Nominations are now being accepted

Nominations are being accepted through April 1, 2014 for this year’s Outstanding Alumni Award.

This award was established in 2013 to recognize distinguished alumni who have attended Scott Community College.  

Nominees must have attended 5 years or more prior to their induction and must meet the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Outstanding success in their career
  • Made a significant contribution to the community or society
  • Demonstrated significant accomplishments in business or professional life
  • Distinguished human service

Persons wishing to submit a name for consideration as a SCC Outstanding Alumni honoree must send a letter of nomination to:

Scott Community College Foundation
C/O Outstanding Alumni Award
500 Belmont Road
Bettendorf, IA 52722

In the letter, please indicate how the nominee meets the criteria above and the reason why the individual should be considered.  In addition, please provide the nominee’s current address, telephone number, and a brief biography or resume of the individual being nominated.  Nominations received will be added to the pool of nominees from previous years.  This year’s recipient will be honored on April 22, 2014, at the annual SCC Awards Banquet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation Office at 563-441-4063.

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