Scholarship Deadlines

  • Fall: March 1
  • Spring: November 1

Support For Our Students. Support For Our Future.

Accessible education is the cornerstone of the Scott mission. A scholarship is more than financial aid - it may determine whether a student can attend college. In the 2014-2015 academic year, the SCC Foundation awarded $83,325 in student scholarships to more than 110 student

Some Scott scholarships are based on academic excellence. Most are based on factors such as financial need, community involvement, leadership, program or area of study, or other requirements.

A scholarship committee composed of Scott faculty and staff, representing multiple areas of the college, screens the applications. For specific scholarships, academic department scholarship committees choose recipients.

Create A Scholarship
For more information about supporting student scholarships at Scott Community College, click here.

Instructions to Apply for SCC Foundation Scholarships

  1. Click here to visit the application website.

  2. Click on the Sign In button in the top right hand corner.

  3. To sign in you will need to use your EICC Connect Username and password.

  4. If this is your first time signing in you will first be asked to fill out the General Application.

  5. Once you have completed and submitted your General Application you will be automatically sorted in scholarships that we call “automatch” scholarships. This means that the website system is automatically matching you with any and all you are eligible for with the information from you General Application.

  6. Next, the system will show you a green arrow towards the top of your screen. Go to the “Recommended” tab under the “Opportunities” tab, to view additional scholarships that you may be eligible for. You can click on the scholarship name (underlined and in red) to view the required qualifications. If there are any that you are eligible for, you can click the red “Apply” button to answer the Supplemental Questions.

  7. The last step is to make sure your references are submitted. You can view the references you have requested and the status of those references under the “References” tab in the red bar at the top of the screen. References are due from the reference provider by the application deadline (Fall: March 1st & Spring: November 1st). Any references submitted after the deadlines will not be considered and may cause your application to be incomplete.

  8. You will be notified by email and on your profile page once awards are offered.

External Scholarships

Under the “Opportunities” tab click on the “External” tab to view additional scholarship opportunities available outside of the SCC Foundation.