Board of Directors

Our volunteer board is a dedicated group of professionals who give freely of their time and expertise and take pride in the activities and successes of SCC's students and faculty.

Foundation Board Officers

Frank Mitvalsky
Frank Mitvalsky

Beau Perkins
Beau Perkins
Vice President

Eric Barta
Eric Barta


Mary Stewart
Mary Stewart


Foundation Board Members
Emily Blaylock Pat Cawiezell
Connie Curlott Marc Engels
Robert Gallagher Linda Miller
Rita Nafziger Dr. Teresa Paper
Paul Rafferty Laura Scott
Linda Silver Pamela Snyder
Tina Solheim Stephen G. Suiter
Jason Wentland Dr. Anita Wubbena
Scott Community College Leadership
Dr. Teresa Paper, College President
Lysa Hegland, Foundation Director

* Past President


Former Board Members … who helped lead the way!

  • Ray Allen
  • John Arnold
  • Dale Barber
  • Robert Bousselot
  • Duncan Cameron
  • Kathryn Collett
  • Kathleen Cunningham
  • Carol Dwyer
  • Lori Freemire
  • Louis Gasperut
  • Kay Galligan
  • Tim Gimbel
  • Jerry Harbaugh
  • Darryl Harmon
  • Percy J. Hier
  • Henry B. Hook
  • Rich Horst
  • Elston Howard
  • Jeff Hyland
  • Kathleen Kelly
  • Rich Litt
  • Tony Llano
  • Greg Lundgren
  • Dave Meier
  • Jerry Newton
  • Bill Northup
  • Teresa Perkins
  • Chris Rayburn
  • Bryan Sievers
  • Joe B. Slavens
  • John Stavnes
  • George Thuenen
  • Scott VanVooren
  • Rand Westland
  • Kay Wagner
  • Meredith Wright